A few years ago, I believe 2013, I saw a clip where Dr. Umar Johnson gave props to the Kamali Academy (then located in Louisiana.) I was interested in homeschooling my watotos but honestly I was nervous. Where do I start? When do I start? HOW do I homeschool? I knew that I didn't want to do the cyberschool route which I felt was just European centered online. I proceeded to the internet checked out the Kamali Academy online. I was happy with what I saw. An african centered homescool! I remember watching the video where Dr. Samori Camara answered FAQs and Akon's "Mama Africa" played in the background. This reassured me and gave the confidence to say, "The time is now!" We are our children's first teachers anyway, right? I purchased Dr. Camara's "Education for Liberstion: The Top 20 Questions and Answers for Black Homeschoolers" as well as several of the workbooks. I like that the online curriculum broke down what to teach each age group and on what day.
Even the phonics was African centered! About 2 years ago, there was a sale on Kamali Academy items in PDF format. I purchased several items! When the files didn't download, I emailed to you and the files were resent to me! I credit the Kamali Academy with being the catalyst to push me out of my comfort zone a few years back and getting me started on my homeschooling journey. Now I'm the one that friends call when they're interested in homeschooling. I always tell them about the Kamali Academy.
Homeschooling is the best thing that I could have done for my seedlings. I still get asked the socialization question from time to time, though. (rolls eyes) 😁
-Raven Williams 
Kamali Academy was the first Afrikan Centered resources that we found on our homeschooling journey which began at our daughter's birth in 2012. We learned of Kamali Academy and began investing in the products when she turned 3 years young. I purchased the Cultivating Warriors Guide and the Mental Math Workbook. We watched every video Dr. Camara post on youtube and attended the Liberated Minds Homeschool Expo where we connected with him and other scholars. Kamali Academy helped give us the guide of how to learn our child and give her an education for liberation. The online classes are easy to follow and also great for the free flow way that we learn. I have since purchased the African Proverb pdf which we learn many of during the week and we look forward to sharing our knowledge from the 50 Afrikans You Must Know with our new homeschool co-op that we have established this month. Thank you Kamali for providing the tools that we Warrior Parents need!